About Guigoo


Guigoo has been for a number of years one of the most prominent figures of the Hardtek/Raggatek scene.

Member of Narkotek Sound System since 2000, with whom he started organizing free parties in Paris region, he began producing Hardtek/Tribe on his first machines, and played his first lives and DJ sets.

After graduating as sound engineer in 2002, Guigoo launched his electronic music producing / distributing company through his undergroundtekno.com website, bringing together the most famous artists of the Hardtek/Raggatek scene (Vandal, Billx, Floxytek, Darktek, Mat Weasel…).

A musician at heart, Guigoo likes to integrate instruments he’s playing himself in his productions such as piano or scratches. He released many Hardtek/Raggatek EPs and albums on vinyl, CD, and digital, on Undergroundtekno sub labels (Narkotek, Access Violation, Sonik Boom, Raggatek Power…).

Guigoo plays and composes all instrumental parts in his tracks. He asserts his Hardtek style, mixing big kicks with dark and melancholic melodies.
He also has his own Raggatek style, surfing between vocals parts and powerfull synthetizers, all running on fat 190-200BPM rhytmics.

In 2014, Mat Weasel, Guigoo, Floxytek and Billx started together a new Hardtek/EDM/Frenchcore band called FANT4STIK, in which Guigoo is playing live keytar.

Guigoo is back in 2016 with a brand new Raggatek project, combinating his love for reggae-ragga sounds, drum’n’bass and hardtek. He’ll be releasing his “Catch Me If You Can” album end of October.