About Billx

(UcantStopTheRave / FrenchcoreWorldWide)

Billx is a French rave music producer. Since he started with music production, Billx knew how to handle many styles to perfection. Starting with Hardtek in Europe, with his success “Eclipse”, and then moving to Frenchcore, his desire to improve never stops.
Now his music travels between all the rave music styles including Psytrance. Always wanting to push innovation to its climax, he participated to give birth to a new style : “HardPsy” also called “Psy to Hard”.
These last years, he rocked all the famous festivals like : Defqon.1, Dominator, PsyFly, Thunderdome, Monegros festival, Masters of Hardcore, Decibel Outdoor, Intents festival, Insane festival, Elektric Park, Holocène, Harmony of Hardcore, Ground Zero, Yanomani, Music Garden festival…
Currently, he has a large audience, from Brazil to France via Japan, thanks to international remixes. His tracks rock the streaming platforms with his unique style like “Tree of Life” and “Naarayanaa” which already hit respectively 6 and 15 millions of views on YouTube.
Billx always keeps a productive rhythm of creation and releases very often new tunes to smash the rave music world. All his music is released on his own label “U Can’t Stop The Rave”, which has a spiritual universe and imposes a new musical color on which everyone agrees. The quality of his productions and his musical freshness make him a DJ of the Rave scene to be reckoned with.