Mat Weasel Busters

Mat Weasel Busters

Mat Weasel Busters
Spain | Barcelona

About Mat Weasel Busters


An active member of the band Fant4stik with Guigoo, Billx and Floxytek, Mat Weasel has been for years one of the leaders of the Hardtek scene. With a unique ability to seamlessly mix between powerful tracks and 90’s pop punk rave bootlegs, he is proving to be an essential and significant link between the different hard beats scenes: Hardtek, Frenchcore, UK Hardcore and Happy Hardcore.
Mat’s first releases in the late 90’s were like an electroshock on the Hardtekno scene of this time, his Happy Hardcore and Makina influences contrasted so much with the hypnotic and spiritual sounds from other producers. He was the first to release Hardtek at 200bpm, the first to use “kick-bass” based tracks (a bass shot offbeat between two kicks) and tricky cuts every 4 bars. His first vinyl release directly launched him to the top of scene, alongside other artists of his generation: Guigoo, Kefran, Vinka, Gotek, MSD…

Mat Weasel has played an impressive range of venues, from the biggest festivals like Monegros, Dreambeach, Masters of Hardcore, Ground Zero and many more to the best clubs like Pacha, Magazzini Generali, Le Bikini… And he has rocked parties all around the world, from China, Japan, Venezuela and Russia, as well as nearly every single European country!

His latest album “Kick Bass” was released in April 2018.

Until the end of 2019, Mat Weasel Busters will be playing again and for the last time his oldschool live set with his Yamaha RS7000. Don’t miss your chance to book this legendary act !
From 2020 he’ll be available with a brand new machine live set (and of course still available for DJ sets).
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