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(Night On Earth Records / Ram Records / Undergroundtekno)

Tanukichi is a Japanese DJ and producer with a unique story to tell, with his life journey intertwining with the evolution, richness, and quality of his music career. Always willing to evolve and welcome new styles while trying to push the frontiers one further step forward, 2024 has him focused on 4×4 DnB production: he is trying to make an impact by bridging and evolving these two styles, crafting a sound that moves djs and ravers.

He always found his inspiration in a genuine, blazing and unwavering love for music, from his beginnings as an Hardcore metal guitarist in Kyoto to his current status as a DJ playing across a multitude of European festivals, that consecrated him as a pillar of the contemporary European rave scene.

Going to the 2006 Teknival in Japan was for him a life-changing immersion into Europe’s free party culture. It manifestly impacted his inner evolution which then reflected in his artistic one: few years later he moved to Prague, a hub of the Old Continent’s rave scene, where he could fully cultivate the new horizons of his artistic potential.

As he made his way into the world of electronic music, his distinctive style emerged: dazzling and wide-ranging compositions that are full of life, with an eye towards experimenting and bridging various genres while maintaining a pristine and refined production quality.

Tanukichi’s vivacious sound, centred on powerful kick drums, big bass and steady rhythms, moves and contaminates the audience’s spirit in a chain of energy and entertainment.

Slowly but surely, Tanukichi became one of the faces representing Europe’s Hardtek scene, as well as a trait d’union between Japanese and European tekno music: his work always aims at crossing different styles and cultures, resulting in original and inspired compositions.

Specifically, his productions revolved for many years around the Frenchcore and Hardtek genres, but he has now been shifting his focus to DnB and 4X4 music. Bringing his trademark style and expertise to this new world, he is trying to achieve an high-powered sound with 4 kicks and a 175 BPM pace, pioneering the next era of drum and bass.

In the last couple years, Tanukichi performed at major festivals across the UK, Europe, and Japan, among others Boomtown Festival, Glastonbury Festival,  Balter Festival in the UK, Fujirock Festival in Japan, Defqon.1 Festival in Netherlands, Selvatek in Spain, Electrobotik Invasion, Reperkusound in France, Beats For Love Festival, X-Massacre in Czech Republic.