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United Kingdom | Bristol

About E-Coli

(Amen4Tekno / Jigsore Soundsystem)

E-Coli started making music when he was introduced to the piano at 4 years old. As a teenager he played the drums and guitar in numerous rock and metal bands, and then went to university to study Music Technology. In 2010 he started making his first tracks on Ableton Live, and never looked back.

Now 11 years later he has refined his sound to be a heavy blend of Frenchcore and Hardtek, with balkan, gypsy and world melodies. It is uplifting and fun music, always with hard kicks and heavy bass. He regularly releases new music, and has made collab and remix tracks with some of the best artists on the scene.

He is a core member of Amen4Tekno, and has also had releases on Peacock Records, Undergroundtekno, Frenchcore S’il Vous Plait, Audiogenic, Jigsore Sound, Irritant and many more. He signed to Electrobooking DJ agency, and has performed to crazy crowds at venues across the UK and Europe as well as in Russia, Japan, Canada, Israel and more. He is also one of the founders of Balter Festival, a three day multi-genre underground music festival in the UK.

In 2020 he released his first album ‘The Mariachi’, as well as a lot of collab singles and EPs. He also has a live project with Ed Cox (Ed Cox & E-Coli) blending their two styles and featuring live accordion and keys, often with many guest musicians to make it a full show.

In 2021 he continues to push his Frenchcore and Hard Tek sound to have heavier kicks and more brass and melodies, ready to destroy dancefloors!

For all bookings please contact cecile@electrobooking.com