France | Cherbourg

About Floxytek


Floxytek’s childhood was spent between the South of France and the Normandy beaches listening to the cutting beat of hip hop. Then, he discovered the everlasting repetitive sound of tekno and became addicted to it. In 2003 he created with close friends his own crew ‘Marsatek’ and began to play and spread the hard beat of tekno in free parties. One year later he signed his first production on LP Moloko 04.

The ‘Teklicit Marsatek’ label emerged in 2007 and the ‘Teknical Vodka’ series was created.

Floxytek is one of the major artists in the Hardtek scene. Over the past decade, he’s been touring all over Europe, alone or with his crew, and delivering beats at some famous festival like Boomtown Fair, The End Of The World, Reperkusound, Dreambeach, Insane Festival…

Floxytek is also part of the Fant4stik project created in 2014 with Billx, Mat WB and Guigoo. Always trying to push the musical boundaries, he also started playing progressive psytrance with Billx under the alias Moontrackers created in 2015.