France | Cherbourg

About Darktek

(Undergroundtekno / Astrofonik)

Darktek is a french artist, inspired since the beginning by the “web” culture and mixing bewitching melodies and off your rocket humour! Having started in the Free Party scene and composing since 2007, he surfs on all different styles but got definitely famous for his hardtek/tribecore tracks.

He likes to mix styles in his productions and sprinkle them with electro chill, neurofunk breaks or screech rawstyle bits. In 2015, he launched with his friend Mimaniac the side-project “FAKE” positioned exclusively hardcore, coming back to his roots!

Darktek released his third album “Reality” in February 2018. In this album he blends many different styles including of course hardtek but also hardcore, trance or rawstyle. Slightly moving away from the French-spoken humorous samples that were characteristic of his previous productions and is now focusing on melodies, flow and efficiency.

When releasing this album, Darktek also updated is live set, which is a very energetic mix of his latest tracks and some of his old classics.