Black Muffin

Black Muffin

Black Muffin
France | Grenoble

About Black Muffin

(U Can’t Stop The Rave Records)

Black muffin is a French artist who has made a name for himself with his melodic sounds and his originality. With almost a hundred tracks to his credit and having collaborated with great artists in the field such as Billx, DFrek Fortanoiza and many others, in 2023 his project took a completely different turn, with some of his music now reaching several million streams and more than 670,000 listeners in over 175 countries.

A multi-talented composer who started out in psytrance, then moved on to hard music, he now oscillates perfectly between different styles while keeping up with current trends.
From hard techno to hybrid music, Black Muffin knows how to adapt, offering quality music and breathtaking kick bass.

Playing at multiple events and in different countries during his career, many people continue to say that he is, and remains, a reference in his field.