About GRAViiTY


GRAViiTY, the real UFO of the electronic music scene, is an extraterrestrial artist who arrived on earth 3 years ago. Since then, he travels the world to meet earthlings, discover their civilizations, their music, their cultures, their festivals… and has taken a real passion for the discovery of our blue planet…

By enriching himself every day with all the influences gained from all over the world, he decided to create electronic music, and now shares it on the internet and at festivals, in front of an ever-expanding crowd.

On stage, with many instruments, he plays the guitar, the launchpad and the crystal ball (controller with 5 motion sensors). He performs live dynamic music with trance melodies and with a hardtek rhythm, which is defined by ALiEN Progressive !

Having been invited all over the globe, from Brazil to Europe via India, to some of the biggest festivals in the world, he shares the stage with the greatest Djs. His videos, some of which reach 8 million views, are all alerts to humans to raise awareness about the danger in our future on Earth… 

Who is he? Where is he from? What is he looking for?

The truth is out-there and he invites you to discover it on stage for a close encounter of the third Kind.

New EP release early 2019 ! Contact us for more info.