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About Neurokontrol

(Astrofonik, Raggatek Live Band)

NeuroKontrol started to play livesets in rave parties in 1998 as N’Ko (UTF / Utopik Tekno Family).

After 10 years of parties and intensive production with hundreds of tracks on vinyl released on major French hardtekno labels, N’Ko renamed himself as NeuroKontrol in 2009, specialised in raggatek !
He is always looking after new sensations, non-stop reinventing and personalising his music, spreading his own powerful dancefloor music worldwide in all Europe, America and India.

Founder and beatmaker of Raggatek Live Band / RLB Sound System.

Co-creator of AstroFoniK Records in 2003, and OVNI Records in 2013 on which he performs as Neokontrol with his raggahitech / darkpsy crazy style.