Weser Narkotek

Weser Narkotek

Weser Narkotek
France | Paris

About Weser Narkotek

Always passionate about electronic music, his first raves in 1996 were a real revelation for him… That same year he made his début on the decks and met Guigoo, Seno and Kefran, with whom he co-founded the following year the Narkotek crew. 1998 saw the real beginning of the sound system story with the organization of their first raves in the Paris region, of their participation in the teknivals and as Guests in various parties…

Weser mixed on these occasions the predominant style of that period: acid-core, which later evolved with the rave sound into tribe and tribe-core. Encouraged by his artist friends, Weser started to compose electronic music in the year 2000… In 2002 he published his first tracks under the Narkotek labels in a slow tribe style, very noisy and with acid-techno sounds, making him a success with the public of the underground scene…..

Athough he had been contacted by a number of producers, he finally collaborated with Nout, the famous producer of the label « Diable au corps », to produce a new label « Mi-ange, mi-démon » in parallel with his Narkotek productions… In 2004, he created with Seno the « 404 rec » label, oriented tribe-core and frencore. After producing a dozen vinyls under labels such as Narkotek, Mi-ange,mi-démon ,Traffic rec, Kisdé, 404 rec, and appearing on compilations such as “Le diable au corps”, “teknival”.

Weser naturally went into live performances to share his music and to set fire to dancefloors with the rythm of his own creations….. He found it fulfilling to appear live with his very own tribe-core full of bolting rythmics and influenced by acid-techno, jungle, hip-hop, etc…

Weser got a lot of bookings and started to move around Europe rapidly and appeared in towns like Paris, Marseille, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Barcelona, Brussels, Prague,Amsterdam,Bristol……. He was present at raves and festivals (Electromind, Montagood, Monegros…), in clubs (La Locomotive-FR, La Sala campus-SP, Villaggio Globale-IT, Abaton-CZ…) or in exhibition parks (Mission 30Kw-Paris FR, X-massacre-Prague CZ …).

He appeared with renowned artists of the European hardteck-hardcore scene, e.g. Crystal distortion, Lenny Dee, Speed freak, Radium, Manu Le malin, Matt Weasel buster, Maissouille ,Sickest squad….. With his foreign appearances and a style of his own, Weser has become one of the essential actors of the European hardtechnofrenchcore scene………