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Crystal Distortion

Crystal Distortion
United Kingdom
Germany | Berlin

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(Loonie Bin Labs / Network 23)

Since 1991 Simon Carter, has been at the forefront of live musical experimentation. With seminal releases under a variety of aliases, he was signed to Rising High records in his teens. As a member of Earth Leakage Trip, he made the first Moving Shadow record: Psychotronic EP (cat# SHADOW 1) on which is the all time classic: No Idea.

On joining the Spiral Tribe Sound System, he played a key role in defining its musical direction. Pushing the envelopes of production and performance alike, he rapidly became one of the most acclaimed live acts in Europe. He has put a highly individual stamp on almost every electronic style of the last twenty years, and his extraordinary ability to bend technology into new spheres has made him an iconic figure.

With over 100 single releases, 8 albums, numerous forays into Sound Design via music software institutions such as Reason Studios, Arturia, Samplemagic and Mixvibes, his lifelong vision, Crystal Distortion is perhaps best known for his improvised live sets. Systematically sidestepping categorisation with flashes of controlled chaos and alchemical spins on stylistic orthodoxy, his sets balance pulsating energy with the surreal.

Today, Simon turns his attention to sharing his knowledge with the up and coming generation of aspiring producers by way of music production workshops. His feature programme, 23 ways out of Writer’s Block is taught twice yearly at Fastlane College, Montpellier (FR).