Aaron & Chris Liberator

Aaron & Chris Liberator

Aaron & Chris Liberator
United Kingdom
United Kingdom | London

About Aaron & Chris Liberator

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Chris Liberator and Aaron Liberator need no introduction if you are a fan of Acid Techno, their legendary status as DJ’s on the scene from their earliest squat parties as part of the LIBERATOR DJ trio is well documented, and their worldwide DJ exploits over the last 26 years since then have propelled them to every corner of the globe’s far-reaching underground scene.

What is less well known is that they have tirelessly run The Stay Up Forever Label Collective, most importantly, the backbone labels including the mother of all Acid Techno labels STAY UP FOREVER, alongside CLUSTER and several other vinyl labels – including ABUSIVE 303, WAHWAH and all the SUF offshoots – from their warehouse base/online shop in London’s HACKNEY , as well as all the digital SUF labels found at 909london.com, supporting and nurturing all the artists and labels on the scene, and pumping out ACID TECHNO and LONDON STYLE TECHNO to the world, alongside a fiercely dedicated ethos and commitment to non-commercial principles.

This has created a mammoth catalogue of music which Chris and Aaron have now decided to showcase by going out and representing together with a BACK 2 BACK set which includes classics, current stuff and anything inbetween, but essentially playing the absolute best from STAY UP FOREVER and all its bastard offshoot labels, the music they know better than anyone else in the scene. Dirty, filthy, uplifting, squelchy, mind bending pure absolute shit-kicking classic ACID TECHNO from the heart and soul behind the STAY UP FOREVER movement!!