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France | Perpignan

About 69db

Swept away in the endless possibilities of the Acid house revolution, where electronics hardwired themselves into the soul and repetitive beats woke a generation into a new wave of trance based music, 69db began his musical journey.

As a core member of Spiral Tribe Sound System and one of the driving forces behind it’s pioneering of the liveset – improvised electronic grooves born in the moment, he strove to push the evolution of a still nascent dance music scene beyond track making and DJing and into the realms of liveset.

Embracing traditions as diverse as freeform jazz, dub, house, funk, hard tek and raw tribal rhythms, 69db has consistently set new standards of music as an organic force in its own right. Switching up into style after style, collaboration after collaboration, vibe after vibe, the one constant throughout his 20 year career has been the sheer psychedelic power of his extraordinary sets and the fundamental belief in the transcendental power of music.

A live musician through and through, he has nevertheless released tracks under Spiral Tribe, SP23, R-ZAC and Liveset Dub on labels such as Big Life, Drop Bass Network, Force inc. , Rabbit City, Trax Records Chicago, Labworks, Acid Orange and Expressillon.

Today – both at the heart of SP23 and as a solo artist, he has fused all the elements of his musical identity into ‘urban trance’ – where the spiritual dimensions of primal trance synthesize into the modern, urban moment – surfing the cutting edge deep into the next groove.