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About Rinse

Rinse / Acid Anonymous in real life known as Rinse Veltman has always been interested in music form young age. But he got really active in the Dutch underground scene around 1999 in t was also in this year that he joined the young yet known Acid Anonymous (AA) Soundsystem. It gave his music a positive extra vibe and the good times started rolling his side.

His live sets are always a highlight of the evening. Rinse has his own typical sound; it could be described as hardcore acid with deep mental sounds and basses that change with building climaxes that makes the crowd go wild. He has very own sound that none can replicate but it sounds very dutchy and off course hard and tekno are not far away.
Rinse always goes live and in his case we may speak about one of a few artists who is really live. The aspect of live is considered what it originality means: performing on the spot. He creates the sound especially for an occasion, no set will ever be the same.
Not only the Dutch crowd goes wild for this artist, he is known widely around Europe and already lifted many crowds and parties to a higher level. His energy flows from his music and goes straight to the crowd and its brain… an intoxicating mix of beats, basses and squelchy sounds that make you go mad.

Not only as performer but also as a producer he sets new standards. His records and tracks are loved by many dj’s and their crowds. Check out his tracks on the Domination Records, Acid Anonymous label and the Wishcraft Label, you’ll be amazed by the sound of Rinse.

Watch your speakers when Rinse plays.