Italy | Milano

About Gamm@

(Amen4tekno / 5 Dan rec)

Born in 1988 in the North Italy, Gamm@ discovered Electronic Music in Free parties in Italy around 2006 where he started to mix vinyls in 2009 (after playing guitar and drums in Heavy Metal band for few years) In 2011 he started producing his first tracks on Fruity Loop sequencer.

He defined his style between HappyHardtek Hardfloor and crazy tribecore and started then to play in clubs in Italy.
Gamm@’s style is just a blast of pure positive energy, doing mad bootlegs, remixing absolutely unexpected music from all around the world in his magic potion jar, he has something that others do not have and that’s the reason why he is so appreciated on the hardbeats scene.
Expect him!