Hiya Kids!
New fresh selecta for your innocent ears!Pimp up your sets with these pearls!

1 – Neika – Doom
The last extract of his new EP “WILDNESS” freshly released on Undergroundtekno, heavy design quality as always!

2 – Paranoiak – Cutoff Madness
Really nice acid-hardtek tune from the little devil Paranoiak, the atmosphere is original and the classic tribecore structure makes this track a must have for your set!

3 – Raggatek Live Band – Get up stand up and fight (Harry Potar remix)
When ragga meets the mysterical Harry Potar’s world! This triplets hardtek remix is just awsome, clean, fat, sharp… Killer!

4 – Uzi vs Dr Looney – Mind Food
When you see these 2 producer’s names side by side you would expect a pumping funny 8bits collaboration and surprisingly it s not! This is a proper hardtechno tribe, unexpected!

5 – Ostralopitek – Party Time
That’s a really cool Casablanca Bounce (yeah i call it like that! Flamenco/arab scale) track! The title suits well what is inside! Partyyyyyy!

6 – Ratus – Tintin en teuf
We french kids have watched over and over Tintin’s adventures cartoon in our youth and Ratus remixed the theme, it’s epic and will bring you lot of souvenirs!

7 – Nevrotek vs Gamma – One Step Beyond
Fuck off! We were making the same remix Fant4stik vs Dr Peacock but you were faster to release it 😀 hahaha Good job kids!

8 – Raggatek Live Band – Ready Ready (E-coli & C3B remix)
That’s what i call a proper remix! Well, what else could we expect from this english jungletek duo? It just fits perfectly the original theme! Tight job guys!

9 – Collision – Woods of whisper
Acidcore fat track, super well produced, with a phaser on the kicks which makes it alive and organic, like bouncing everywhere.

10 – Sifres – Solid Base
This is a hardtechno track with 90’s hoovers and arpeggio leads, dark and hypnotic, really hypnotic!

11 – Vikkei – Riding Anxiety
Trustful to his style, Vikkei strikes again with an acidcore fat tune, the portamento of the lead synth gives a sea-sick feeling, making you loosing the balance 😀

12 – Pharpheonix – Infrasonik live 2017 part 3
This producer expresses himself with liveset, he is out of the track format, always, living his music in direct mode, here’s a cool extract of his 2017 liveset.

13 – Noisebuilder Heretik – Cycle
Cool to see Noisebuilder coming back to pumping rave sounds, that’s how we like him and that s how the crowd likes him! The faster the better!!