Hola pendejos!
Last week, no weekly selecta was released! Everybody was busy with gigs and studio work to present you a proper nice bunch of tracks but we are back with heavy tunes! This selecta includes 17 fat tunes and 2 free download pure tribe sets at the end, we hope that you will enjoy it! Have a great day ravers!!

1 – Binary Squad – Swamp
A nice orchestral wide quality tune from these two kids! I am not worried about their future, they re one of the leaders of the new generation, keep an eye on them!

2 – Neika & Zone 33 – Cyberpunk
Pumpcore again! Organic insane neuro synths and wicked lead arpeggios on this track by the catalan kid and the canadian superstars. The bells melody is surprising at the end of the track, it recalls the memories of the early 2000’s. Fat shit!

3 – Pywik the Plasmid – Syntonizer
Old tune from Piwik just to make us wait for his new release! This track kicks and runs, in the tradition of the 2010’s tribecore.

4 – Tao H – Constant SawRaw
O brother remix! Southern US redneck’s hardtek hahaha! Like everytime, Tao H brings his mixing studio skills, it’s really pleasant to listen, clean pure fat sound!

5 – Paranoiak – Chemical Breakfast
Here’s a cool newschool hardtek track with neuro and edm touches, brain eating loops and tight kick with a great attack, it s a real party track.

6 – Miltatek – Come back
He brings us once again is his dreamy universe with his atmospheric pads and keeps our heads screwed into the bassboxes with this massive round kick. Miltatek is definitely the artist that links hardtek and tribe.

7 – Tanukichi – Walk like an egyptian
A free download track from Tanukichi! It’s a remix from the famous Walk like an egyptian theme, it’s so positive and happy that the crowd will always react to it! A power banging tool to add to your set!

8 – E-coli – Levan Polka
You might love or hate this melody but it goes straight in your brains!! You know the kind of track that you listen one time and stays in your brain all the day, to the point you wanna shoot yourself to forget it 😀 hahaha Jungletek Hardtek Brainfuck style!!

9 – Ratus – In memoriam
Another orchestral hardtek track from Ratus, the same chord loops in rolling over and over and the melodies around hypnotize the crowd, it s an atmosphere that can reminds us a bit of Guigoo’s way to produce but on another way… Listen, you will understand!

10 – Anticeptik feat ENA -N – Beatzoo
This tune is a concept track, between breakbeat and hardtek, i can’t really say how did they produced it, it sounds live but it s not enough raw to be live… It s a match between 2 atmospheres, 2 universes, listen to make an opinion by yourself!

11 – Harry Potar – Totoroms
Have you seen this lovely anime from Hayao Miyazaki? The fans will love it! The theme is so wonderful, peaceful and satisfying. The remix is just perfect, it respects the original atmosphere and drowns you back in that amazing story.

12 – Mandidextrous – Boom shiva
A nice vocal hardtek tune from Mandidextrous, a real rave hit, it will fit any set, raggatek or hardtek. High quality as usual with her, this track will lift you up!

13 – Simon Heist & Steve KG – Enchantress
This weekly selecta is full of epic uplifting hardtek! This tune has a strong magical atmosphere, bringing the audience into a dark and epic mood.

14 – Mat Weasel vs Dr Looney – Caffeine
The pioneers of the happy tekcore drop a powerful tune, a megafat kick-bass, a 90’s flavoured happy hardcore break with Loretta Holloway vocals that leads to a bouncy kick ass drop then to a hardcore kick. Dancefloor destroyer!

15 – Simon Heist & Steven KG – Psykopata

This tune has a really psychopathic ragga vocal! The chord progression used is pure happiness, a 90’s jungle feeling, the production is clean as always with Simon Heist, summer sound!

16 – Teknambul – Kung fu fighting
Happy tribe hardtek from southern France, Teknambul were one of the firsts to bring a high technical level to this genre, this sound brings me straight back to the early 2000’s in the southern raves. Fat dope!

17 – Mem Pamal – Time
A free download from Mem Pamal, this remix from an Hans Zimmer theme is stunning! People who know Mem Pamal will be surprised! It’s so far from his usual mental sound and crazy melodies! This one is just beautiful and uplifting.

18 – Pharpheonix – Live infrasonic 2017 part 2
Here’s a half hour to dive into Pharpheonix world, that s a real liveset madafakz!! Enjoy!!

19 – Sagsag23 – MMXVII BX – AG13
Boom! Free download liveset extract! The industrial darkness of Sagsag23 enveloppes you with weird feelings, it can turn a lamb into a butcher, an angel into a devil, please don’t take hallucinogenic drugs before listening to this or you will end up murdering people!

See ya next week mofos!!