Hiya teknoheads!!
This week is full of BOMBS!! High quality tracks, dancefloor killers, you can’t miss any of these!
We are really proud to give you so much awsome material for your sets, so have a sit, open a beer, roll a joint and take that in your ears!

1 – Neika & Tanukichi – Nebulosa
Two generations of producers meet on that tune, the kid and the master. Neika brings his newschool neuro edm touch and tanukichi his samurai smashing sharp kick-bass and the energetic structure. This track is a hit, Fant4stik style!

2 – Vandal & Mandidextrous – Wicked plan
A collaboration between the two monsters of raggatek from UK, but going out of the raggatek cliché this time, it is very hardtek, surprising!

3 – Ratus – Combat d’infirmes
Ratus drops a full range distorted trancy hardtek, music for XTC i would say! He is recently very productive and the quality of his tunes is increasing everyday.

4 – Harry Potar – Conscience Fiction
Unsurprisingly the boss releases a fat and quality uplifting melodic hardtek tune, a bomb as usual, nothing to add!

5 – Ostralopitek – Spicy
We have here a positive happy track! Happy tekcore style! I like it fast and pumpy like this, this tune will go straight to my set!

6 – Zone 33 – Mikkim, Mandidextrous & T-Menace FT. MC Turner – Unitek (Zone-33 Remix)
Haha that is what i call an unexpected collaboration! producers and MC’s from UK, Czech Republic, Canada… Mondialisation gets tekno! It is the end of the wooooorld 😀

7 – Floxytek – Twist
Floxytek got back to the late 50’s and grabbed some cool twist samples and he blended them with fat kicks and basses from 2017! The result is funny and powerful! Twist papaaaa!

8 – Sghenny Madattak – Rasta should be deeper
Some happy raggatek to make us feel good! Finally Sghenny leaves the frenchcore and comes back to the madattak roots, that is how we expect him !! Italian good vibes !!!

9 – Dr Looney – Dillon Francis, DJ Snake – Get Low (Dr Looney remix)
The kick is really interesting on this remix, it has a crunchy texture. The theme is a rave hit, it is the guarantee to wake up the dancefloor.

10 – Pharpheonix – New live Part 2
He is focussing on his liveset recently, with his unbeatable analogue psytribe touch, top notch psy stuff !

11 – Tommers – Lobotom
Yeah guys! I saw that you were too happy after these 10 tracks, sunshine etc… Let Tommers bring you back to the dark reality of acidcore! Let the bats enter your brain! Grrrrr!!

12 – Tommers – Naughty Bwoy
And straight a second round of dark acid gabber core to be sure that i killed the last positive thought and the last hope you had about this day 😀

13 – Sparks – Ultra terrestre
Aight! Just because i like you, this is a good pumping mental track from Sparks, he really has talent for these atmospheres, quality shit!