Hi teuffeurs! The last Weekly selecta of the month just arrived and it’s a FAT one! Our artists gave their best on this one!! All these tracks kick ass as fuck! Enjoy!!

1 – CRiS3R – Will Sparks – Psycho (CRiS3R Bootleg)
A Melbourne bounce hardtek bootleg that will make you jump like a kangaroo! I can’t say what was done to the original to sound like that in hardtek, it’s definitely clean and powerful!

2 – CRiS3R – IvanGough – In My Mind (CRiS3R Bootleg)
If you liked the first track, you will like this second bootleg which sounds more pumpcore, hardtek club sound as we love!

3 – Tao H – Dreamer
Always surprising and poetic as fuck (yeah i said it) Tao H psytribe hits us straight in the heart! The design of the distorted led reminds Harry Potar’s ones but the structure of the whole tune is really personal, interesting, lifting up, close your eyes and dance!

4 – Neika – KSHMR & Tigerlily – Invisible Children (NEIKA Remix)
A tight kick-bass, an Indian theme and some filthy wobbles: all the ingredients to make an original tune! There is an opposition of emotions that can bring an interesting atomsphere in your set.

5 – Ratus – Astrix – TYPE 1 (Ratus remix)
Psytribe is getting bigger on the Hardtek scene and Ratus proves it with this fat remix! What is psytribe? Well, it’s like Hi-tek but with clean sound, big kicks and not annoying trance synths 😀 haha

6 – Harry Potar – Jean-Claude Von Doom
Fuck! That’s again a wicked track from Harry Potar! he’s unstopable, releasing hits after hits! This Hardtek track has definitely a delicious hardcore flavour without falling in the hardcore cliché, it’s a perfect match with a surprising slow-down in the middle of the track that leads to a Jean Claude Van Damme low kick in the knees! I love it!

7 – Nevrotek – Nevrotek Vs Ks23 – Smooth Beat
Nevrotek is always exploring all the facets of the rave music, from frenchcore to hardtek, from tribe to acid, he gives us today a SUPERFAT tribe tune with acid backtaste, this one will break your ribs when you ll be dancing to it in front of a huge system.

8 – Zone-33 – Army of Darkness
An epic atmosphere, some insane neuro bass sounds, orchestral melodies, a clean and precise sound design… Well it is Zone 33, a quality label for each track they produce, just amazing as always!

9 – Sparks – My Eyes On You
Sparks goes mystical today! This is the perfect example of the tribe kick-bass, round warm and embracing, speaking to your inner voices like a shaman would do! Discover your totem, be part of the forest!

10 – Dave.LXR – Coffee Break (Live track)
That is an oldschool way to produce tracks in 2017! He recorded it live on machines like we did in the 90’s! This track is industrial but warmed up by a funky groove english style, the hat lines remind me Crystal Distortion, i am never disapointed with Dave.LXR productions.

11 – Vikkei – Drawing Your Mask
Acidcore at its best! The mixdown is clear, sharp, deep, the kick line is hypnotic, the melodies have accents on 1/2 so they give like a snares groove which is not usual and pretty original, the work on spatialisation is interesting, he did choose some cool reverbs. Like it!

12 – Teknambul VS RhythmSTORM – Sound Cartel Invasion
Back to 1998 at the Teknambul’s golden age, the vitaminated pumping tribe

13 – Sevenum Six – Cats On Synths 
Screams and cries for this all distortion acid track! I wonder how cruel he must be with his cats if they re used to scream like that! The disto used on the leads sounds like the one used on lead hard rock solo guitars, it’s an original tune.

14 – Sevenum Six – Acid Autism
This is a quality intelligent acid track, i really like this pluck all track long, it s very techno, and we re recently missing that in 2017 tracks, it s one of my favourite acid tracks i ve listened to this year.

15 – Vikkei – valley of distortion
Once again Vikkei’s sound waves between hardcore and acid, not really sure how to classify his sound! I would say fat acidgabbacore? ahhahahaa 😀 Take dat kick in ya face!!

16 – Miltatek – T’en veux encore? (live)
Let’s finish on a strong clean lovely live extract from our Miltatek! Faithful to his style, he drives us in a positive mood to party in from of hundreds of bassboxes!