Wassup ravers? Here is the third weekly selecta! New stuff, pounding tunes, a bit of everything to please your grandparents and your grandsons! enjoy madafakaz!

1 – Sifres – Loose ends
Let’s start ths weekly selecta into darkness with an angry industrial tekno track, the Kick is wide and hypnotic, some scream synths slash this psycho atmosphere giving even more body to the horror feeling. The percussion and hats lines are surprisingly jumping and running like in tekno tribe tracks and it gives just the right dose of groove to make people dancing.

2 – Collision – OBS.SCUR
It is refreshing to hear some melodies like that in an acidcore track today! It reminds me the thrills i had on some Bonzai records tunes in the early 90’s, if i was still playing acidcore, i would more than probably add it to my set.

3 – Nevrotek – Say my name
A breaking bad remix, tribecore style, yeah some producers still do tribecore, it has not totally dissapeared! It is the good occasion to come back on what is tribecore! When hardcore world and freetekno world collided in the late 90’s, it gave birth to their terrible child: the Frenchcore, which is basically hardcore with some influences of the hardtek, but in the same time, tribecore was born too, it s basically structured like tribe but with hardcore kicks! Like Maissouille or Le Bask some years ago, this track is a good example.

4 – Ratus – New raver
Funny to match the old teknival sample style and the pure new school EDM hardtek! it works pretty well! Like bringing back this music to the mud of the illegal raves!

5 – Dr Looney – Machine gum
Dr Looney hyperactive happy tekcore from the mad house!! This producer never dissapoints when it is about funny cheesy melodies and running loops! The smileeeeee!!

6 – Harry Potar – Crystal Clear
The magic stick is on fire, Harry Potar breaks the house once again with his unbeatable touch, it is always uplifting, beautiful, powerful, well… I will stop with the superlatives or i ll look like a little fan!

7 – ZonE 33 – Public Enemy
The supertechnical canadian hardtek will always surprise me, this track is a travel, gatherig complextro, hiphop, bounce and dubstep in a dancefloor kickin tune, this track will go directly to my set!!

8 – Gamm@ vs Talasemik – Something different
This week again these guys throw a summerish tune, housy and positive, really warming! It is not overloaded by technical tricks and that makes the job! We feel that the experience of Talasemik drives Gamm@’s madness and it leads to an homogenical and logically nice track.

9 – Le clown evil – 23rd symphony
We got here an epic speed electro track with superfast arpeggios and saw synths bouncing everywhere, Le clown evil has this particular emotional touch on his tracks, it gives goosebumps!

10 – Neika – Overload
We finish with my favourite track of the week from our newcommer in Electrobooking agency! This tune is just a bomb! Raggatek vs pumpcore vs newschool hardtek, i already got that tune in my set and it fucking rocks! the dancefloor will burn in front of your eyes full of tears hahaha ????