Hiya ravers!

This is the second weekly selecta from the Electrobooking’s artists! It goes from hardtek to acid tribe, raggatek to frenchcore, the best of the hardbeats scene! Featuring Ratus, Harry Potar, Tanukichi, Pitch Madattak, E-Coli, Cris3r, Sghenny, Nevrotek, Gamm@, Talasemik, Ostralopitek, Tao H, Creeds, Sagsag23, Miltatek, Collision, Shmirlap, Dave LXR, Stefan ZMK, Asphalt Pirates, Pharpheonix and Sparks. 21 atomic tracks to destroy the sound system in raves and festivals!

Another track from Ratus this week! But this time it kicks harder! This track is interesting because it is full of different influences, yes that s the aim of the Hardtek to never follow the rules but here is a perfect balance between epic hardtek and psytribe with trancy basslines, really efficient!

2- Harry Potar – Revenant
Be careful, the boss is back!! What can we say more than “OMFG what a track!”? It’s powerful, beautiful, super well produced as usual, this track breaks into your body and lifts you to heaven, the distorted leads are just sonic delicacies, the kind of soundtrack to fuck on acid with an elf haha!

3- Tanukichi – Snavs & Yellow Claw – Jungle Fever (Tanukichi Remix)
The star of japanese hardtek throws here a delightful remix of Snavs & Yellow Claw, it’s dark, it kicks so fucking hard, my ears are bleeding, the atmosphere is naughty and tainted of neurobass. We recomand this track to explose the membranes and it is a free download !!!

4- Pitch Madattak – Party people
When raggatek meets pumpcore and bounce it makes a 100% dancefloor kickin hardtek track! The bounce lead is just amazing, coming back like an alarm during the track, good job Pitch!

5- E-Coli – I put a spell on you
Bristol strikes again! That’s really really UFO track, Jungletek fucks frenchcore on this 60’s anthem remix, is E-coli a genius or should we lock him in the madhouse? You decide!

6- Cris3r – System overload
A brand new pumpy neuro track from the cold Swedden with a dreamy melody that softens the crunchy atmosphere of this song, it has a 90’s taste on the synths choices, the oscillation between these two atmospheres is interesting.

7- Sghenny & Ketanoise – Lukas Graham 7 Years (Sghenny & Ketanoise bootleg)
I see that you start to sleep, let me wake you up with some italian frenchcore kicks! These two angry kids give us a super energized happy track to break our sneakers on the floor!

8- Nevrotek – Space cake
This track is cool, perfect for a transition bertween proper hardtek and raggatek in your set, it has the kicks and the structure of hardtek but with ragga vocals, i would put this one in my dj weapon’s folder!

9- Talasemik VS Gamm@ : Sunshine Reggae
Sunshine reggaaaaaaaeeeeee!! Summer is coming! This one will rock non stop the summer raves, it s the raggatek hit of this month! The production is clean, the theme is so positive and the structure is just ideal in a raggatek set! Big up Dimi and Samir!

10- Tanukichi – Phase One – Area 51 (Tanukichi remix)
It’s my favourite track of the month, it’s brutal, insane, sick, between hardcore, hardtek and neurobass, I can’t stop to listen it, it s sooooo gooooood!! really guys!! put the volume to the maximum and let this track fuck your ears, i just hope that you won’t cry! Free Download

11- Ostralopitek – Razor
Malefic vibes on that one! the atmosphere reminds me the Tales from the crypt. The production is pretty clean, nice spatialisation and tight kicks, it has a Fant4stik flavour on the structure, this track is really on the 2017 hardtek trend, it can fit in any set!

12 – Tao H Vs Creeds – Popof – Serenity (Tao H vs Creeds cover)
When the rave legend Popof gets covered by the new generation, the result is just stunning! The sound is so clear and fat (unsurprisingly i’d say, it’s Tao H) and this melody gets into your body by the wrong holes and puts all your organs upside down. Hardtek psytribe and free download

13 – Sagsag23 – JawaTH La Pas SavoiR
Sagsag23 style as usual, a rolling fat kick and psychedelic beats and sounds all around, with massive delays and reverbs and a really interesting structure, delicious breaks, this is the 2017 hardtekno tribe!

14 – Sagsag23 – MMXVII BX – AG13
A second track from Sagsag23 but this time with a heavy heavy beat, close your eyes, you’re in a freeparty in front of a massive sound system. Free download for Free people haha

15 – Miltatek – Patience is not so far
It’s pretty easy to recognise a track from Miltatek and this one is really typical: the sound is clear as fuck! He is probably the mental tribe producer with the best studio mixing skills, this track sounds as clean as newshool hardtek one but following the codes of the mental tribe, it’s amazing.

16 – Collision – Awoken
That is a really powerful acidcore tune, the 909 distorted kick is well treated and keeps that track in the acid tekno way. The 303 is screaming as it should be and some psytrance fx elements, stabs and pads give a modern touch to this piece of acid jewellery.

17 – Dave.LXR – TekTanker
Czech industrial hardtekno tune! Dave LXR is the ambassador of the czech underground sound and he proves it once again with this FAT track, the dark kick and the slashing snare transport you to a rave in a bunker of Prague, this tune is a must have to all the industrial underground freaks!

18 – Stefan ZMK – Simmering
It is pretty hard to describe this tune… It’s downtempo, techno with a dub bassline, airy tortured pads and some ethnic elements, some dub effects and sometimes an offbeat reggae muted guitar hit. The artistic side consists on melting all those elements together to make an homogeneous result.

19 – Asphalt Pirates – Gypsy train
The mental papa drives the train! in the pure tradition of Asphalt Pirates, this analogue mixture will eat your brain and make you dance till you drop on the floor like an empty bag of chips!

20 – Pharpheonix – Psytribe New Live Part.3
If we should choose a track to explain what psytribe is, it would be this one! Well, it s not really a track, it s a snippet from his korg liveset. You thought you know how to use your korgs? Listen to this and cry then hahaha!!!!

21 – Sparks – Tape dans le fond
It’s not a really new release but interesting enough to be shared with you, the sub bass is warm and cheering, the atmosphere is really mental, this industrial tribe track reminds me the czech scene, underground!