Ohayo Tanukichi-san ! Are you happy with your new life in Europe ? Do you miss Japan ?

Hi papa! Yes I’m quite happy living in Europe so far! Here I can see a lot of differences from what I have in my country, which is exciting but yes sometimes I miss what I had in Japan!

Your tracks are so fucking loud ! What’s your secret ?

Thank you! I think you can find a lot of tips on web though, what I consider often is to know about which frequency of the sound competes with the rest of your sounds. It’s always challenging to play with your EQ around the point which you think it’s best and to know how the sound would be with.
Also to have a certain panorama & stereo image with your sounds is quite important. Making full use of micro delay, chorus and reverb with stereo imagers plugins would give you a sense of space so that even if you had a very dry sounds on your track, the whole impression of the track would sound like coming from a box and not bore your ears. Personally I do like to use several types of EQ vsts such as digital EQ and analog modeling EQ, to add specific colours on it. Each EQs have its own algorithm and frequency characteristic and it’s nice to know the difference. And yes you might find another little hints from my Samurai sample pack – and the one which I made with Mat Weasel We hope these packs would help your production!

Explain us why japanese sake is the best alcohol to get drunk?

Tasty, great match with food, bringing the best mood with your friends, you can drink a lot and it doesn’t disturb you. But I love french wine too!

When you were young, did you imagine that you would become one of the most famous hardtek producers of the world ?

Ah no, not at all. I didn’t even think about making music till I met you in the Japanese Teknival 2006! At that time, I think I was just a “good” listener of the hard music like hardcore, hardtek, tribe, drum and bass, breakcore…  etc Went to record shops often after digging strange free mp3s, looking for crazier sounds, always happy to show the records to friends and dreaming about the sounds with the record jackets. Sometimes a record shop owner said that “there were only 5 people who had this record in Japan and you were the one of 5” and was very proud of it! you know this kind of people!

What is the biggest difference between japanese ravers and european ravers ?

Japanese people recklessly drink tequilas shots! This is insane! Do you remember the Saving private ryan’s Omaha beach scene? It exactly reminded me of that… Tequilas come from bar constantly like that gun shots… my friends around me got hit one after another and it was really scary!

If you did not become DJ, what would have been your job ?

Wanted to be a sound engineer of a broadcast station and was studying about it, my life didn’t go in this way but I have still good relationship with people who knew about it and I think this is a very happy thing!

What is your favourite movie and anime of 2019 ?

Wanted to say Bohemian Rhapsody was great but oh it wasn’t from 2019! About Anime, this is also not from this year but Neon Genesis Evangelion is very good and sick. Next Evangelion will go on air next year.

Please give us the recipe of the dish you prefer to cook !

Steam rice and make miso soup with soft water, then grill fish in oven. Put sliced green onion on fresh tofu with soy sauce then I would be the most happiest guy in the morning!