Hiya madafakaz!

This second podcast is directly coming from the Bristol’s underground scene, E-Coli for those who don’t already know him, is the wickedest producer in town alongside Vandal, Ed Cox, Stivs and Mandidextrous to mention only them. He will make you breakdown with his superpositive Gypsytek swingtek clowncore beats boosted with hardtek and frenchcore kicks dipped in jungletek sauce! He is a supertechnical softer version of Dr Peacock for his taste for the unexpected bootlegs and remixes. Bring him to your party, watch the dancefloor burning then you ll see that great Hardtek can also come from England! Killa!

E-coli – Hey Libertad
E-coli & Dr Looney – Swing Attack
E-coli – Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
E-coli – Trumpet Alarm
Raggatek Live Band – Ready Ready (E-coli & C3B remix)
E-coli – I Put A Spell On You
E-coli – Ievan Polka
E-coli, C3B & Doc – Glocks, Bitches and Kvass
E-coli & General Waste – Back in the Unsa Sa