Which country builds the best sound systems?

There is an eternal debate about audio systems on the electronic music scene. High quality loudspeakers are built all around the world, like D&B in Germany, Dynaudio in Denmark, Fostex in Japan, Clearsound in Bulgaria but 3 countries definitely dominate the world big sound market: UK, USA and France.

The UK really has the culture of the sound system, every club or rave have a stunning clear and loud system, from ragga to dubstep, from drum n bass to house, the brits always focused on the bass, the deeper the better. Some say that their systems miss a bit of definition on the highs. We give you today the list of the 3 best speakers brands from UK (according to our fucked up ravers ears) FUNKTION ONE, VOID ACOUSTICS and TURBOSOUND (yeah Martin audio rocked in the 90’s i know, i know…)

The USA are a big country, unsurprisingly they come with loads of good brands as well! Americans have no limits when it s about music, from rock to hiphop, they are always about making enormous gigs in stadiums and other giant venues. They like it loud and clear! Let’s introduce here 3 top notch american brands (which are known in europe) ELECTRO-VOICE, JBL and MEYER SOUND.

France is often synonym of high standards in quality, and audio engineering is not exception here. There is a long tradition of building audio systems but surprisingly very few are connected to the rave scene unlike their British cousins. French systems are really top quality but some say that they are overpriced (like french wines or french perfumes). Here are our top 3 french loudspeakers brands: L-ACOUSTICS, NEXO (recently included in the Yamaha group) and FOCAL.

For us, balancing quality and price, Americans are the best.

But in YOUR opinion, which country builds the best sound systems?