Canada | Montreal

About Zone-33

(Le Diable Au Corps / Magic Sauce / Amen4Tekno / BeatFreak’Z / Balarace..)

Notorious hardtek Canadian duo Zone-33 needs no introduction. They have been at the forefront of the hardtek scene for years, pushing boundaries by bending many different styles into their music.

Zimo and Ataka have been touring together across Europe for over 10 years, with their unique brand of Hardtek, blending modern sound design and heavy kickbass, horror and video game infused melodies.

They have worked with the scene’s main labels including Le Diable Au Corps, on which they have released a slew of vinyls, notably on their own sub labels Voodoo Box and Toxic Zone.

Zone-33 have recently released on Magic Sauce, Amen4Tekno, BeatFreak’Z and Balarace, just to name a few..

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