The Speed Freak

The Speed Freak

The Speed Freak
Germany | Kaiserslautern

About The Speed Freak

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The SpeedFreak has been in the Hardcore-scene since 1992 and celebrated his 25-years-anniversary in 2017. His unique style of producing has been influential to generations of hardcore-artists since the start of this scene. Being well-known for both pioneering Hardcore in the 1990s and Frenchcore in the early 2000s, he has played all over the world in the last 20 years and is known for his energetic sets which tend to be different from the mainstream, as he usually combines different musical styles.

His countless releases can be found on Audiogenic, Mokum, Industrial Strength, Peacock Records and many more, as well as on his own labels Shockwave, Napalm, Absurd Audio and currently also on labels like Cycore Recordings and Order66 that his company Re:fusion is managing.

In 2018 he decided to make a turn in his music carrier and started the Gabberdisco project, along with other artists such as DJ Mutante, Stormtrooper and Chryzis.Gabberdisco is an over-the-top approach to hard dance-music: high-energy high-speed Hardtek that combines elements and quotes from dancemusic and pop-culture of the 20th century with the sound and the technical possibilities of today.
The goal is to bring back the fun and the pioneer-spirit from the early days. It is about positive attitude, lots of content, made to put a smile on your face.