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About Taz

(Astrofonik / Teklicit / Les Enfants Sages / Komperes Records…)

Julien Tauziac, aka TAZ, is above all a classic music composer and a musician for more than 25 years now. He studied blues improvisation at Yamaha international music school. He composed his first piano work, “Tragedy”, at the age of 14. A few years later he won the first prize in an International Composition Contest for highschool students (14 participating countries) as well as the silver medal of the Yamaha contest for young talents.

In the 90’s TAZ discovered electronic sounds with artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre, who was a pioneer in electronic music and an absolute reference as the time.
He also started DJing. In the early 2000’s he discovered Jungle music, with artists such as Aprhodite in the cult movie “Human Traffic”. He’ll then get his first KORG Electribe ESX and experiment live electronic music and anolog sounds.

In 2006, he met KRISS & STREZ and will himself become part of the Happy Family (HPF). He released his first EP in 2007 with ES Productions. Since then he kept producing music, regularly released on Astrofonik’s KOMPERES label.


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