Sterling Moss

Sterling Moss

Sterling Moss
United Kingdom
United Kingdom | London

About Sterling Moss

Rebeltek, Stay Up Forever

With dynamic musical taste and timing sharper than a razor, Sterling Moss is renowned for his technically explosive DJ style that never fails to electrify crowds the world over. Having toured extensively throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, Sterling regularly rocks dancefloors around the globe in an exotic list of locations, playing at clubs and festivals to hundreds of thousands every year alongside the world’s DJ elite.

Music production has remained the in-demand creative mainstay of Sterling’s abilities, including UK chart success and his own label catalogue of Rebeltek, Raceway, Racetrax and 99.9 supporting his musical output onto more than 60 other international imprints, with hundreds of vinyl tracks released over two decades.

Sterling has worked alongside the mighty Stay Up Forever crew for many years, tirelessly stoking a 303 & 909 driven rebellion in the studio to create a huge body of work that has ripped dancefloors apart across the world with devastating effect.

Mr Moss has also been part of the promotional teams who brought the ground-breaking events ‘London Underground United’, ‘Retroflex’, ‘Rebel Union’ & ‘Rebel Alliance’ to the UK capital’s party scene, rocking the city to its core. He is also part of the crew who has helped to establish the acclaimed 909//303 events in Leeds.

The ‘Sound Lab’ studio is the nerve centre for Sterling’s production work, but he also worked extensively alongside Roland Synthesisers Japan as an official programmer on their MC-909 Groovebox, after they were impressed with his use of their vintage TR-909 drum machine.

While constantly striving to innovate with his productions and DJ’ing, Sterling Moss always looks to explore new musical territories and ideas, while relentlessly touring his compelling sound around the globe.