France | Strasbourg


(Yaya23 , Architek , Mizadisk)

Sparks encountered the Underground Tekno scene as a teenager very early. Thanks to the free parties and Teknivals organised in Eastern France. Some time later he began to make mental hardtek, followed by tribecore also with a mental influence using the sound system “Les Enfants Du Son” (LEDS). From 2012 to now his music is a melting pot of mental tribe, influence with a punchy pumpin’ kick and little distortion from 160bpm to 170 max.

Music has allowed him to meet and connect with a whole musical world and to travel all over Europe playing in clubs, free parties, squats, Teknivals, warehouses and all sorts of unusual places in France, England, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Poland, Spain and Belgium.

He is lucky to be able to release about 50 vinyls with Freestyle Listen, Melting Bass , Mackitek, Rhoys , Yaya23 Lxr Records, Astrofonik, Les Oreilles Libres, Underground Tekno, Wojtek, Dope, Pump Up The Tribe, Mizadisk, Tek Over, Tactical Synopsis etc.