France | Paris

About RaTaXeS

( SA Free System / Insoumis / Beat Addicts )

RaTaxes is a music performer playing exclusively live with electronic machines. He has collaborated with the SA Free Systems / Insoumis sound systems and Beat Addicts since 2008. Each of his live set is unique as RaTaxes uses different live modulations to adapt his performance on the spot according to an event’s vibe.

RaTaxes makes mental tribe evolving between dreamy and other darker corrosive atmospheres with incisive acid lines. He never forgets keeping an omnipresent groove along with a tension that he grows based on the context in which he plays.
Rataxes’ music comes from the heart, telling each time a new story to his audience.

RaTaXeS is available for solo sets, but also for his duo live projects with IND (Obscur / Insoumis) or Jaquarius.

Contact Cécile for more details.