Netherlands | Amsterdam

About LePrince

Gino Doorson (better known as LePrince) is a highly energetic reggatronic performing artist & singer-songwriter from Amsterdam.

Early in his childhood, he was heavily influenced by traditional surinamese music and sang in a kawina, kaseko group. As a teenager he loved making music and participated in different youth programs to make this traditional music. He grew up in a musical family listening to jazz, classical music, hip hop, reggae and other genres of music.

Growing up was not easy and LePrince had to face the though reality of the streets. During this time he was exposed to the teachings of rastafari and slowly began changing his life. He started singing reggae music to promote the principles and its ways of life. LePrince was born. LePrince has been very focused refining his art and expresses that, “music is all about life and my life is all about music.” He believes that through his music, he shows that you can become something out of nothing and that you should always focus on positive things and never worry about what others think of you.

LePrince worked hard to create his own style combining reggae with an electronic flavour. By bafflingly fusing reggae, trap, and hardstyle, LePrince created a whole new subgenre that he himself named ‘’reggatronic’’.

He performed at numerous festival such as Qlimax, Defqon, Summerfestival, Rebirth, Dediqated, Airforce, Intents, Sunglow, Dreamvillage, Decibel Outdoor, The Qontinent, Daylight, Solar, Zwarte cross, Sziget and more…

Now it’s time for LePrince to go behind the desk and do vocal dj, by singing his songs and hyping up the crowd with his high energetic set.