France | Bordeaux

About Jaquarius

TB-303, feedbacks and modular synths:
those are the words that speak volumes about Jaquarius.

Driven by a thirst of experimentation, Jaquarius keeps pushing the limits of his own sound universe in a pure, endless, creative liberty. Coming from a primitive, ecstatic energy drawn from the rave culture, his homeland, his music brings a contrast to the retro-futuristic aura of it, which is connected to sci-fi movies and his acousmatic history.

His live performances as his productions invite us to wander in an electronic universe where synths are space and drum machines are time, we’re exposed to a kaleidoscope of sounds in constant fizzing that awakens all our senses.

From his beginning as a DJ in free parties at the age of 15 to the live performances of today delivered with as much intensity as accuracy, Jaquarius didn’t just follow simple artistic urges. Indeed, after 4 years of electroacoustic studies at the Conservatory of Paris, and thanks to the progressive acquisition of various synths and machines, he remains in constant evolution by always trying to free himself from all kind of technical barrier and test new methods of creation, reflecting his music.

Shaping his acid music outside of beaten tracks in an almost organic symbiosis with his machines, Jaquarius keeps dropping as intense as unpredictable releases on Acid Avengers, Hypnotik or even Narcosis, labels whose strong identity match his distinctive authenticity.