High Speed Violence

High Speed Violence

High Speed Violence
United Kingdom | London

About High Speed Violence

(Vikings Tribe / Jaded / Scuderia Records)

High Speed Violence is an Italian DJ and producer based in London. She is a member of the Vikings Tribe sound system and resident at Jaded London’s infamous afterparty.

After being introduced to the oldschool sounds of hardcore and industrial in 2016, through the years she found herself inspired both by clubs and the free party movement. Not limited to one specific genre, her sets and productions are multifaceted and evidence of her many influences.

Combining anything that is ”hard” and ”core”, she seamlessly moves in between genres and decades to create her own unique vision of rave music. While keeping everything tied together in an atavistic and cathartic manner, hardcore, acidcore, tribecore, and hardtekno are HSV’s lane of choice.