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About Electrobugz

Year 1990, Benoit Alias Beuns became a musician inside the band “La Roberto Family” (Funk/Soul/Groove). He was the band’s keyboard; it’s where he learnt the basis of composition and team work. After a few gigs the band was dissolved. As soon as possible he reconstituted another band called “ Numba Wan” which was influenced by Reggae and Dub. The band lived until 1994. It’s at that time that Beuns discovered the Madness of Raves in Paris.

He met Popof and the Heretiks in 1996, they started to work on drum machines and synthetizers.
In 1997, he’s playing his first live set in “ Le Printemps de Bourges” and released his first record soon after. Since then he’s been producing regularly a series of Lps, more than 45 maxis and 3 albums on Cds with the Heretiks system and one solo album call “ The Synth Project”.

Today, Beuns has changed his artist name to Electrobugz and started playing pure sounds between dirty electro and techno.
In addition to his musical productions, he spread his stunning and powerfull music in Raves and clubs, making dance floors go nuts all around the world.
(China, Venezuela, Canada, Italy, UK, Poland, Turkey, Austria, Spain, Lebanon, Czech Republic …to name just a few).

He plays alongside the biggest names such as : Manu le Malin, Joey Beltram, Busy P, Justice, Teenage Badgirl, Valentino Kanzyani, Pet duo, Patrick Lindsey, Technasia and Chris Liberator.
His music, his live sets, are between effective electro, powerful techno and smashing hardfloor, which have made dance a full generation.