Czech Republic
Czech Republic | Prague

About Dave.LXR

(X-Massacre / LXRecords / Demontage)

Dave.LXR is Czech Dj & producer since 1999. Luxor Sound System & X-Massacre crew member and LXRecords Vinyl Shop owner.
He released more than 15 vinyls on labels as Demontage, LXRecords, Old Skull, Lost & Found, Metan Noise, Pirat Unit & many more. Dave is a really skilled DJ. His sets are full of energy, with long precise mixes. Due to that fact he became popular over the borders of the Czech Republic. His speciality is the 3-4 decks mix, from hardtek tribe to acidcore & industrial tekno.

He also created the new project DEXIDE, focused on neurofunk, crossbreed and industrial hardcore in 2012. Simply…music is his whole life!