Netherlands | Rotterdam

About BangBass

(Pure Analog Records/HZD Rec/Dune Rec)

BangBass is an italian duo based in Rotterdam. They started making electronic music in 2007 with an old PC and Reason 3, moving their first steps into the underground and rave scene, then cooperating with important hardcore promoters and organizations on the Italian ground.
Since 2014 they moved to Rotterdam, where they got influenced mostly by Hardcore, Acid and Hardstyle sounds, producing a more dark, introspective and raw music melting their old influences with this new Dutch experience, and starting to play at big parties in the Netherlands and Belgium and collaborating with the most active crews of the European scene.

Bangbass Prodz has been moving crowds in parties, organizing or performing in Italy, France, Germany ,Holland, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark; playing in famous clubs like Maassilo and WaterFront (Rotterdam), Petrol and Ikon (Antwerpen), ArtCube and Vooruit (Ghent), Le Bikini Club (Toulouse), Griessmühle (Berlin), Warehouse (Nantes) and Ninkasi Kao (Lyon).

LIVESET is their religion. Their actual set-up is composed by an Akai MPC Live, a Roland TR09, a Cyclone TT303 and a drone machine. That’s what they need for an addictive, distorted and powerful Acidcore/Techno set.
What characterizes them are their hard and not stereotyped sonorities, always distinguishing themselves in their productions.

Lately, looking for a new sound experience, they started ”SECOND VISION” project with the intentions to switch into a new Techno sound, always keeping their typical atmosphere melted with more clubby grooves, relelasing their first track named SV00 on Z-Trax, a sublabel of MidTown Records in 2018 and working now on forthcoming tunes.

For bookings in France, please get in touch with Davy :