Amen4Tekno Takeover

Amen4Tekno Takeover

Amen4Tekno Takeover
United Kingdom
United Kingdom | Bristol

About Amen4Tekno Takeover

The Bristol-based hardtek record label Amen4Tekno has become a force to be reckoned with over the past few years, collectively churning out a high level of music that has flooded the UK, Europe and beyond. The sound of Amen4Tekno is one of its own, creating a big movement and an even bigger vibe with all the artists on the label colliding together to infuse Jungle, Drum and Bass and Ragga into hard 4 to the floor dance floor hardtek tracks.

This group of talented producers and DJ’s also known as the UK Jungletek Mafia work very closely with each other to create huge collabs and big solo tracks sourcing original samples and acapellas plucked out of infamous rave tracks as well as original and special creations.

The Amen4Tekno sound is an inspiration to many artists on the underground tekno scene as well instigating a movement through out fans and followers all over the globe whilst expanding the hardtek sound to a wider audience.

The energy all these artists bring to any event is palpable when together, electric collectively mesmerizing, so get ready to have your dance floor lit up in a blaze of Jungletek and Raggatek fury.

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Matt Scratch

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