Al Core

Al Core

Al Core
France | Montpellier

About Al Core

Al Core’s career started in 1992 with “Micropoint” (Al Core and Radium), the most mythical ensemble of the French Hardcore. He was present at all the raves in Europe, tuning his live to finally obtain a dancefloor sound: a Hardcore according to “Micropoint”, also known as “Frenchcore”.

In 1996, he created his own label (with Radium, Speedy’q and Sarin Assault): Dead End Records, to test all his productions.
In 1998, Micropoint launched his album “Neurophonie” considered to be the very first real album of French Hardcore. At that time this opus created a real surprise because of the quality of his productions and proposed a more measured approach to the Hard Drum, with better constructed and more reflective pieces. This was a more unifying, powerful, minimalistic and
groovy Hardcore.

Al Core created that same year the famous “Hardcore Moi J’dis” (Hard Disk Plummer vs Chappy). He was one of the most respected actors on the international electronic scene with others like Laurent Hô, Liza’n’Eliaz and Manu le Malin at the time of the big era of Hardcore in France.

In 2001, Al Core started his solo career. At first he continued his live performances throughout France, while creating his own label, Golghott Records, with Dj Trypod. Then in 2003 he produced his first album,”Body Hammer”, which has now become a cult recording. The superb design of the cover was done by Fred Beltran of “Humanoïdes Associés”.
The Al Core sound is a mutant hardcore, with sombre, industrial and emphatic sounds. Passionate about the cinema and about SF, his productions incorporate loads of samples and his auditors can benefit from his black humour which is a characteristic of his personality.
After Micropoint’s unequaled sound avalanche and a forthcoming solo album, Al Core will charge in with his sound set and make no prisoners! So if you need something stronger, be prepared to go live…..