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United Kingdom | Bristol

About E-Coli

(Amen4Tekno / Jigsore Soundsystem)

Raised in rural England and exposed to a wide range of music from a young age, E-coli became involved in the local free party scene by the time he was 18. Before long he was organising large parties as a member of Jigsore Soundsystem and performing his unique mash-up sets to increasingly growing crowds.

In 2010 he started producing and has not looked back, developing his own identity and pushing a new gypsy style using samples of live musicians from all over the world combined with heavy electronic beats. Sometimes more polka than tekno, and always with a turbo assault of drum break carnage, his music is un-ashamedly silly yet completely dance-floor orientated.

He is now an active member of Amen4Tekno, the UK’s leading hardtek & jungletek crew, and has had numerous vinyl and digital releases with them, as well as vinyl on Jigsore Sound, Irritant Records, and an upcoming release on Kaotik Records. In early 2018 he released a remix E.P with Dr Peacock on Peacock Records, and has more high profile collaborations coming soon. He is also one of the founders of Balter Festival, a three day multi-genre underground music festival in the UK.

With shows around the world from Paris to Tokyo, his well-crafted DJ sets have proven to draw crowds in with infective gypsy melodies and hardcore kick drums.
His recently released ‘Balkan Hardtek 2017’ mix gives a glimpse into what to expect from his distinct style of hardtek.

As well as the E-Coli project he has also started a new collaboration live show with Ed Cox, featuring Ed on accordion and E-Coli on keyboard and DJ, this live gypsytek show is truly unique. Their debut E.P ‘La Alchemista’ was released on UnderGroundTekno in late 2017 to high acclaim, and 2018 is looking like it will be a busy year for them touring the UK and Europe.